IDEX Foundation India Projects

Adopted Alindra Village Community Educational Growth

With vision to enrich community education where we work & operate, IDEX India foundation has chosen to adopt Alindra Village School Children. Alindra Village Primary School is located 1.5 km away from IDEX India Savli Site and only base to these community children for their education needs with limited resources available found during assessment by IDEX Foundation India Team. Hence, to fulfil this community resource gap IDEX India Foundation has taken this assignment as long-term commitment to take charge of these school's children by start from providing them right infrastructure, all required utility tools & learning tools to enhance their learning advancement till they achieve their educational superior stage.

Education Needs Support & Right Infrastructure

IDEX INDIA Foundation has distributed to Alindra Village School Students.
- School Uniforms
- Writing Wooden Desks
- School Bags
- Writing Materials & Notebooks
- RO Water System

Built Lunch Room for Alindra School Children

During needs assessment of Alindra Village School, IDEX India foundation found need of having well equipped lunch room, as due to lack of lunch room in school, children were having lunch in classrooms and they were facing hygiene issues at the same time. To fulfil this need, IDEX India foundation built Lunch room with all utility equipment like Lunch sitting benches, cooking materials, lunch dishes & painted pictures in Lunch room to make if Children friendly room to enjoy their Lunch.

Sponsoring Certified Education to community Females & creating employment opportunity Aim

With an ambition to provide and support all educational flair to local community where we operate and to promote diversity initiatives in local community, IDEX India Foundation sponsored 20 females of around community for Certified Course of Industrial Training Institute (ITI) FITTER Batch.